Musings, Poems, Pieces & Things

Messy emotions, thoughts to think and musings about the moon.

Every now and again when I feel creative energy and inspiration strike, I like to write pieces and poems, about whatever’s on my mind and or heart. Some are little musings, some long paragraphs, most little ideas left for me to find in my notes later. This post is a collection of them. Enjoy!

2 A M thoughts
In every country I’ve set foot,
a piece of my heart stays,
a piece of my being remains,
encountering the life people lead. 
My soul feels a pull of passion each way, 
a feeling beyond wanderlust takes over my heart,
as each little piece calls me back.

March, 11 2018

BEAUTY // An area where I’ve felt less than a champion in, then I would like to admit. And I’m not talking inner beauty right now, we all know that’s important. Let’s just focus on the outside for a minute. Knowing I’m beautiful and feeling I’m beautiful are polar opposite things most of the time. Lately, my body image has been something I’ve been tackling; often feeling like a failure in looking the way I want and not being about to control it. It’s almost terrifying sometimes. Trying to limit certain things in my diet to make myself feel better as well as look better, I’ve been feeling like it’s an uphill climb. But, I’m learning how to love myself through those moments of not loving myself (because we all have those moments). What does that look like? Maybe it looks like crying and sitting in the feeling of not feeling beautiful in that moment. Maybe it looks like saying “no” to that sweet thing I’m trying to cut out of my diet or giving myself grace when I don’t say “no”. Maybe it looks like looking in the mirror and telling myself I’m beautiful over and over again. Honestly, maybe it just means that I don’t feel beautiful for a couple days. Just because you’re not feeling it doesn’t mean it’s not the truth. And maybe, sometimes, everything doesn’t always make it from the head to the heart. Sometimes it just stays in the middle. Because even Cinderella had her days but she was the Belle of The Ball.

April, 24 2018 [edited Feb, 25,2019]

A Goal. 
Be Present. 
Staying in the now. 
A cliche, 
I know,
but it is a true need. 
The awareness of what’s happening around you. 
As a creative, a visionary; someone who’s always dreaming and musing new ideas- 
staying in the moment
-more than I’d like to admit-
is more of an interest than an ideal. 
My thoughts are easily pulled towards the future and trying to figure it all out. 
Instead my heart begs me to pull back and be. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. 
Just be. 
What is happening in front of you? 
What beauty can you find?

July 13, 2018

Something I was thinking about the other day…

Experiencing beauty because of pain.

August, 24 2018


I didn’t know what I was seeing,

when I saw you,

but I loved you.

December, 18, 2018

Lost Items

I think I’ve lost my smile

And I can’t seem to find my laugh.

Have you seen them?

I know they were here somewhere.

I don’t remember when I saw them last.

January/21/2019 [edited Feb, 25/2019]

Love & Loss - It’s repetitive, raw and messy.

This might sound dumb or silly 

But I still miss you 

After all, I think I really loved you. 

The kinda love that never seems to leave.

A piece of my heart will always be yours. 

I’m still sad over how things ended

All this time has gone by, you’re still in my heart. 

My first love.

You’ve become a figment of my imagination 

My love, you’ve come back to haunt me. 

Ridiculous how old emotions can become so fresh again.

I thought my heart was done feeling this.


La Luna

There’s just something about seeing the Moon in the middle of the day. 

It’s like She wants to join the fun of the Sun.  

Just a peek before She glows in the never ending night. 

All alone again,

only the stars & the restless sleepers to keep her company. 

She comforts and keeps 

Her beauty beyond compare.

Guarding our dreams, her sweet gleam goes unseen. 

Does she sing to herself? I wonder; Her minutes, more like hours.

For she is the only one awake, way up there. 

I imagine, it could get lonely way up there.

For the Sun, He, laughs and watches us all day, as we enjoy life in His light. 

But who notices La Luna at night? 

I think, sometimes She wants to play with us too. 

She’s shy and doesn’t know how to say hi. 

When she does come out. When the sky is still blue; 

I always want to greet Her, meet Her.