Gisou: Forever in my Heart and Hair


Gisou is now and forever in my heart and in my hair.  

When Gisou reached out to me last November, I was beyond excited & honored to receive an email from them. I had seen their glorious bottles all over instagram and was coveting for sure. Their generous package contained the renowned Honey Infused Hair Oil, the Propolis Infused Texturizing Wave Spray and the Honey Infused Hair Mask. I’ve been testing the products out since I received them and I wanted to share my thoughts. I’m also eager to show you all the content I created; I’m obsessed with how it turned out and had a lot of fun photographing. Plus it’s not hard to make Gisou products look good.

(This post was in no way required from the brand upon gifting. This post was something I wanted to do and these are my honest thoughts)

First of all I’m in love with honey. I use it everyday in my coffee and it’s one of my favorite ingredients and flavors. Beside the beautiful packaging and incredible product inside - I think this is another reason, Gisou and I, get along so well.  The Story of Gisou is whimsical and inspiring. Read it here. I have a soft spot in my heart for bees, I love the creativity, hard work and excellence they represent in caring for our planet. You can see this reflected in Negin Mirsalehi’s brand. Gisou itself carries an excellence and luxurious feel that is mirrored in its branding, packaging, product and results.

My Thoughts

The Honey Infused Hair Oil

My hair air dried after using the Gisou Oil and Wave Spray for the first time.

My hair air dried after using the Gisou Oil and Wave Spray for the first time.

This hair oil is beyond anything I’ve ever tried. It’s less of an oil and more of a serum consistency.  It smells absolutely divine and a little goes a long way. This was the first product I started testing, eager to get it in my mane. The power of honey shines through in this product. Amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants rejuvenating and conditioning the hair. The first ever product launched by Gisou, it lives up to the hype. And after months of using it once a week in my post hair wash routine, I’d say it’s worth the price point. I wash my curly locks once a week and I’ve used an oil on my hair ever since I can remember. But this one, is the honey infused queen of all hair oils. I’ve only really just begun learning how to care for my curls. When I was living in the Netherlands the humidity did it for me. I would wash my hair and apply argan oil to the ends and that was it. Now that I’m back in dry Arizona my hair needs more help. Once 2019 started, one of my low-key resolutions was to learn how to wear my hair curly. Gisou has been a huge help with that and this oil is the star of the show. A couple of drops smoothed over my freshly washed mane (roots - ends) has kept my locks healthy and even repaired some split ends and damage, I had. Key word being ‘had’. I have curls but my hair is not course, my texture is fine. Oils can weigh my hair down, but this one does not weigh my hair down at all. I can even refresh my dry hair with a few drops and it brings back the shine and softness without making my locks feel heavy and look greasy. After using Gisou’s Honey Infused Hair Oil (and Wave Spray) for the first time, my air dried hair was unrecognizable in the best way possible. The curls were bouncy and big. (See the low quality photo of high quality curls to the right.)

The Honey Infused Hair Oil is a necessity for anyone in my book.


The Propolis Infused Texturizing Wave Spray

This product surprised me, I didn’t think I would love using it so much. My favorite way to get beach’y texture and body in my hair. Never producing crunchy or heavy texture but soft lovely waves. I credit my voluminous, bouncy curls in the selfie featured above, to this product. With a gorgeous scent and result, this product is a perfect addition to any hair care routine. The wave spray also contains a UV filter to protect hair from sun damage which is a plus. I don’t have much else to say about this product. If you’re in the market for a texturizing spray I recommend giving Gisou’s a go.


The Honey Infused Hair mask

With a texture and consistency comparable to canned frosting (except not sticky), Gisou’s Honey Infused Hair Mask is incredible. Creamy, and thick this is unlike any other hair mask I’ve tried. I started using this more recently because when I received it in November, another hair mask was sitting in my shower. I’ve been consistently using a hair mask in my hair care routine since last year. Before the Gisou Hair Mask, it was the Briogeo’s Don’t Despair, Repair and before that it was Amika’s The Kure. Can you guess which is my favorite? The intensely heavy, rich texture itself is enough to make me want to bath in the stuff forever. And then there’s that gorgeous Gisou feminine scent. The results have also made me fall in love even more. Since I’ve started using this once weekly in the shower, my hair has been considerably more conditioned and silkier in texture. The benefits are similar to that of their hair oil because of Mirsalehi honey being it’s key ingredient. A perfect way to help make any locks extra luscious.


I’d like to again thank Gisou for reaching out to me and sending over these wonderful hair care miracle workers. I have enjoyed using them will continue to.

Forever in my heart and hair

Have you tried any of Gisou’s products? What do you think? Comment below. Their new Shampoo and Conditioner looks like a dream come true. I would love to try those next.


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