The Mascara We've All Been Waiting For




The Glossier launch we all have been expecting and anticipating. The mascara that has people complimenting your lashes instead of your mascara: Lash Slick. Inspired by Emily Weiss' mink extensions. Lash Slick helps you achieve a beautiful fluttery lash, that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and comes off at the end of the day with some warm water and a pump of Milky Jelly. This is not the voluminous, glam mascara. Like all Glossier your products: Lash Slick is very 'your lashes but better.'






In the past, all my mascara choices have been chunky wand brushes (like Maybelline's Mega Plush and Loreal's Lash Paradise) that created clump and filled in the space of my sparse, thin lashes. And it got to the point where if I wasn't wearing that thick black gunk on my lashes I didn't feel beautiful. (#1 reason I have never bought full coverage foundation. I want to see my skin, not the foundation on top of it.) That is when I decided to take a break and get used to my naked eyes for a while. I would curl my lashes to give my eye something extra, and when I felt like they looked a bit sad, I would grab Colourpop's Gel Liner in Mr. Bing and tight line in my top eyelid, which gave my eyes an extra pop. I started to enjoy my bare lashes, there was no flaking or smudging on my brow bone, and if I were out and about, I knew I wouldn't look in the mirror later on, just to be horrified to see black gunk sitting under my eye. Also, I had the perfect minimal makeup look going. Then Glossier swooped in to save the day. They launched Lash Slick.  The complete opposite of any mascara I've ever tried. But still the perfect addition to my makeup routine for when I did want to wear mascara for that fun event or days I want to go the extra mile. 




A new take on fiber mascara. Lash Slick has these itty bitty fibers that hide in the wand, and when you comb the wand through your lashes, they sit at the end of your lashes; extending them, while the film formers, which make up the mascara formula, seals it onto your lash. Making for a gorgeous lengthened fluttery lash. If you look closely in the photo to the left, you can see the bitty fibers in the comb-like bristles of the wand. This is formula is water resistant and at night when you go to take it off all you need is a little warm water and a gentle cleanser preferably Glossier's Milk Jelly Cleanser.



Now that you have some of the basics here's what I think; I love this mascara. It's a dry formulation that is meant to lengthen and define. It wears wonderfully and does everything it claims to do. I do curl my lashes before because this mascara does not hold a curl. But honestly, that's not in its job description, according to Glossier. It does flake a teeny tiny bit, but when you wipe it away, it does not leave a black trail behind. I'm a fan of  this mascara because when I'm living life, I don't have to worry about mascara smudging all over my eyes.

 $16 (USD) on Glossier. 

Glossier also ships to Canada, Ireland, UK, Sweden and Denmark. 



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  • All photos are taken by me.

  • camera used: Sony a5000

  • Props used: Darling MAgazine issue No. 21 pg. 120