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A 22 year old wanderer born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I breath all forms of creativity, art and can't go too long with out singing a tune which is most likely from a disney movie or some broadway musical. I'm a sucker for a good happy ending, when love defies all the odds. I'm smitten with every big city the world has to offer. I love to be where the people are. My enchantment with the world really began when I moved the Netherlands temporarily with my family. I was 16 years old and my world was small. I had no idea how much my small world would change with in the next three years. Living in and traveling around europe + other destinatons with my family, flipped my heart and showed me passions that I never knew I had.  My heart for travel began and my passion/eye for fashion, art, words, beauty and photography developed during my time there. Now currently back in Arizona, I hope to find out where I want to go and what I want to do. 



So this is me, I'm a hopeless romantic with a knack for any and all creativity.  With crowded interest and messy emotions,  I write this blog.

  Xx, Gabriela Shalom Indahl


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A DReam in action

This blog has been a dream of mine. Something I never thought I could acheive. A place to share my creativity, adventures, style, art and intrinsic thoughts with the world around me. Over a year ago, I started my instagram beauty page as a baby step to this website, because  I didn't have the time to start an entire blog. Now is here. My hope is that this is a platform for you to be inspired, to connect with your own beauty, to know your value, and to find a new passion within your heart. 


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